The Best Service at the Most Beautiful Spot

You can make the most of Cuba’s exceptional sun and beach setting in the sure knowledge that a specialized medical staff with great experience will care for your health at hotel clinics and Clínicas del Sol across the country

Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A. (CSMC S.A.) has guaranteed a network of facilities nationwide aimed at providing a service excellence to foreign visitors who may experience health issues during their stay in the country.

The tourist destinations' nine international clinics under the Clínicas del Sol brand and each hotel clinic provides medical and health care, Hemodialysis services, well-being and life quality, stomatology, among other specialties. Thus, they guarantee the visitor, in addition to enjoying the beauty of its landscapes and the richness of its culture, the experience and professionalism of Cuban health care services.

Made up of a highly competent professional staff, with an average experience of 10-plus years, the clinics provide 24-hour service in modalities such as Medical Consultation, Stomatology Consultation, Nursing Services, Emergencies, Advanced Life Support, Observation Room,

Ultrasound, Traumatology, Clinical Laboratory and X-rays.

Altogether, they have a network of NOVAFARMA pharmacies associated with each medical consultation, which freely commercialize Cuban biopharmaceuticals and medicines —exclusive in the world— and also from prestigious world brands.

Moreover, Comercializadora provides physical, chemical, and bacteriological examination of water samples, as well as the study and certification of air conditioning ducts.

Training courses in the area of medical services are also made available, always

under the certification granted by the University of Medical Sciences. These courses include First Aid, Communicable Disease Prevention, Food Handling, and Medicine and Disaster.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and in line with the current national epidemiological control protocols, the health personnel of both international clinics and hotel clinics have updated their procedures, adding to those already existing protocols for situations of possible epidemiological risk, those referred to this new virus.

For instance, the constant monitoring of tourists in hotel facilities and their referral to health institutions meant for that purpose in case of presenting symptoms of COVID-19 or another communicable disease, where a PCR-RT test is performed, in addition of all the complementary tests necessary to ensure that the patient is in good health condition.

Varadero is one of the tourist destination with greatest service diversification under the Clínicas del Sol brand, with medical coverage

that includes the specialties of Pediatrics, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dermatology, Obstetrics, Natural and Traditional Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Ophthalmology, among some others.

One of the latest news is the opening of a Hemodialysis and Dental Center, in addition to a Wellness and Quality of Life Facility where the services of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Natural and Traditional Medicine, Ozone Therapy, antistress and relaxation Therapy, cosmeatry, and different types of massages, among others, are provided.

Knowing that during your holidays you will be provided with a medical support system in case of any event, that you can travel without worrying about having access to the sort of health services you normally receive in your home country, and the fact that your safety is a priority here, is —no doubt— one of the main items that make Cuba and its main tourist destinations, a spot everyone wants to return to.






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