President’s words

Dear readers:

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A. (CSMC, S.A.), and this new issue of the Destino Salud publication intends to show our readers a number of services and programs offered today by our entity, preceded by its history and backed up by both the experience and prestige that tell it apart and put it on the world map.

In these 10 years, the network of exportable medical services has expanded within the country and abroad. Our commercial ties reach out to all continents through a sales network and a solid grip on the markets.

Our commitment during this time has been precisely a commitment to life, that is our slogan and stands for what has always prevailed in our staff wherever they are.

Over these years, CSMC, S.A. has enriched its portfolio of services in the programs of attention to patients in Cuba, as well as in products linked to Health and Quality of Life. It is worth mentioning the existence of very innovative programs, such as cancer care using leading Cuban biotechnology pharmaceuticals, or other one-and-only products such as Heberprot-P® to prevent amputations generated by diabetic foot ulcers, as well as the programs, featuring more than 30 years of experience, for neurological and physical-motor

restoration and rehabilitation, developed by the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN). In addition to those already consolidated, there are also programs linked to the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered from COVID-19.

What are we proposing to do on the road ahead? To sustain each of the results obtained, under the precept that this commitment contributes to save lives, to the health of the population and also to the overall health of our country; to grow in the eyes of the world and enhance the value of our doctors with competences aimed at making them stronger as both professionals and human beings.

The Comercializadora wants to continue expanding its Business Opportunity Portfolio, including the development of foreign investment, for example in the network of thermal centers of mineral-medicinal waters the country has to offer.

This period of pandemic has laid bare the importance of having Health Systems resilient enough to adapt to complex moments and anti-pandemic confrontation. The work of the scientific personnel in general, and specifically those linked to the production of vaccines, drugs and innovative biotechnological results that have been very successful in dealing with the virus, must be underscored.

We intend to continue developing and innovating in this postpandemic stage, in which travel-hungry people will increasingly seek an offer that relates to their safety, their welfare and quality of life, allowing them to rejoin a society that will never be the same again, but it is time to feel good. People and families need to put an end to these hard years and give a responsible sense to their lives and we can be part of that experience of human improvement, in natural environments accompanied by our warmth, with the rigor imposed by the fulfillment of protocols that ensure that we will not return to the situations experienced, being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world.

All across the national territory and associated with the sun-andbeach or nature-oriented travel destinations, the Health Tourism and Quality of Life project will etch unforgettable experiences in the memory of those who visit us.

What we have learned and made available to our people is now offered by the hand of CSMC, S.A. through a number of our institutions, such as the La Pradera International Health Center where there are preventive programs for Covid-19 patients and convalescents, including protocols with Cuban vaccines. Likewise, foreign professionals can access postgraduate courses in the country to train in the management of the pandemic.

In the following pages, you will come across topics that address everything mentioned above, from the potential of thermalism, Natural Medicine, Wellness and Quality of Life programs, anti and post Covid-19 programs, the work of prestigious health institutions, such as CIREN, all the way to a throwback look at the evolution of Cuba’s biotechnological industry and the National Health System.

On this third issue, we’re inviting you to delve into and learn a little bit more about CSMC, S.A.






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