Forbes Best Influencers 2022 in the Travel Category



Exclusivas Latinoamericanas


Enrique Alex Youtube / 536k Since 2016, he has been collaborating with all kinds of brands and proclaims himself a responsible traveler and activist for the climate crisis and LGBT+ rights. Gotzon Mantulin Instagram / 660k He became popular when he won a famous Basque reality show and now he is the storyteller for National Geographic Spain for its 25th anniversary. Alan X El Mundo Youtube / 3,22m Mexican actor. He has been sharing his travels on Youtube for more than 12 years. On the internet he bases his content on vlogs, history, fun facts and travel tips. Izhan Youtube / 296k He records his travels and travels around the world, extreme adventures and shares the most diverse reflections. Mikel Boisset Tiktok / 916k On Youtube he shares a channel (Boisset Brothers) with his brother Alex, expanding the narrative of their travels together. Paula Díez Instagram / 182k Her Instagram is full of vivid colors of nature. Lover of nature and surfing, a sport she has been practicing since she was 10 years old.