Evolve or die



Exclusivas Latinoamericanas



Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe y las Américas landed at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London in 1997, being the first magazine in the world to focus exclusively on the Caribbean and Ibero-america. Our website was a real challenge, as the magazine was uploaded free of charge on the Internet with all its contents. This allowed us to progress in a very short time and to experience a rapid and very important growth, as well as to exponentially boost the sales of our printed magazine, with the North American market as a major subscriber and buyer. Many events have happened since then: we overcame the 2001 crisis, that unforgettable September for humanity; and the great economic crises, the devastating one of 2008, the technological evolution, the appearance of social networks and with them the influencers. Also the pandemic and now, the most difficult of these times, the difficulty of adapting to the post-pandemic, a period in which the economic crisis is being extremely hard for the tourism sector: it has been necessary to adapt, change protocols, seek solutions to survive. This also happened to its workers; hotels, restaurants, airlines and travel agencies closed their doors and their employees looked for work in other branches. Today it is necessary to recover these people, train others and instill in them a sense of service and the special responsibility of tourism. And also all the media that survived this great pandemic and depended on the advertising of the sector, we all need to reconvert, evolve and thus continue to contribute to society what it needs.